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George B Brunt

George Brunt has been practicing in the area of emerging law for the last 42 years.  This period of time has seen both the emergence of intellectual property laws and an exponential increase in the number and breadth of government regulations.  Mr. Brunt has been at the forefront of both of these areas.  He has supervised the legal affairs of Fortune 10 companies like International Telephone and Telegraph (ITT), Citicorp and Alcatel and has advised many other companies and startups with respect to the application of emerging law.  He is a legal and business strategist.


Mr. Brunt began his career working for McDonnell Douglas managing the American Airlines, United Airlines, and Texas International Airline accounts.  He supervised these multi-billion dollar accounts from the initial contract to the aircraft delivery.  


He then moved into private practice at the law firm of Briggs, Brunt, and Waite in Orange County California where he was very involved in Securities litigation, computer and technology law, entertainment law, real estate, franchising and other areas of general practice.


After several years of private practice, he was recruited to MAI  Basic Four computers at a time when software law was just emerging.  He was very involved there with the early application of intellectual property law to computers and software, litigating some of the earliest cases in this emerging field of technology. 


As International Telephone and Telegraph entered into the personal computer space Mr. Brunt joined them as  General Counsel of their Qume/ITT Systems group in Silicon Valley.  Mr. Brunt was there instrumental in the developing of copyright laws and clean room development procedures, with general responsibility for legal affairs and business development.  He was also responsible for government affairs.


When ITT was acquired by Alcatel, Mr. Brunt joined Citicorp as Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of their Business Systems sector and Quotron Systems, Inc.  Computer communications networks were evolving and Citicorp was at the center, with most of the stock market running on Quotron machines and the development of ATM machines and electronic money exchanges.  Mr. Brunt was responsible for all legal affairs, regulatory matters and defining the intellectual property law as it applied to these emerging technologies.  


When Citicorp was forced to divest its technology companies, Mr. Brunt was hired as Senior Vice President and General Counsel of DSC Communications, a market leader and Fortune 500 company at the heart of digitizing the telephone network.  At DSC, he was responsible for all legal affairs, Intellectual Property, government relations and business development.  He was very successful in defining trade secret law, enforcing antitrust laws and developing a robust patent portfolio.  When DSC was acquired by Alcatel (the second time Alcatel had acquired a company Mr. Brunt worked with), Alcatel retained Mr. Brunt as Senior Vice President and General Counsel and expanded his responsibilities internationally.


After almost a decade with Alcatel, Mr. Brunt left to join Greenberg Traurig, a top ten law firm as of counsel.  There he helped build the Dallas office from 7 - 65 attorneys and represented clients in outsourcing technology, intellectual property, and corporate affairs.  He was also the CEO of Controldocs Inc., a company he founded to help law firms by digitizing documents in a searchable format.


After leaving Alcatel he formed Brunt Law Group, advising several network marketing companies and direct sales companies with respect to the emerging trends in advertising and marketing regulations and enforcement.  Brunt Law Group, changed its name to Business Law Group LLP and has expanded rapidly, providing legal services for a variety of Businesses throughout the World.


Mr. Brunt is a founder of Business Legal Management LLC, a consulting firm that assists CEOs and senior management teams in understanding and managing the intersection of business and legal strategy.  He and his partners show how emerging law can be understood and used as a strategic tool in the accomplishment of overall business objectives.  Business Legal Management also works with CEOs and General Counsels to select and manage outside counsel, including litigation and regulatory affairs.



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